Discover What Cosmetic Dentistry Can Do for Your Smile

For many of us, there are parts of our smile that we aren't too happy about and wish that we could change. Your cosmetic dentists in Marlboro, NJ, Dr. Brian Peters and Dr. Wayne Graber of Bear Brook Commons Dental Group offer cosmetic dental procedures to improve your smile.

Brighten Your Smile 

A brilliantly white smile is something to be proud of. However, with age, your bright smile might not be so bright anymore. Your diet and lifestyle habits could be responsible for dimming your brilliant smile. If teeth discolorations are making you uncomfortable, you can seek an improvement with cosmetic dentistry. Teeth whitening with your dentist can brighten your smile by several shades and restore your confidence.

Cover Damage 

Damage to your teeth such as cracks and chipped edges can be unappealing and affect your oral health. Your Marlboro, NJ, cosmetic dentist glues porcelain veneers or dental crowns to cover up the damage and protect your teeth.

Stubborn teeth stains that resist teeth whitening are also covered with porcelain veneers to brighten your smile. If you've got lots of space between your teeth, your cosmetic dentist can also use porcelain veneers to cover up the spaces and give you a better-aligned smile.

Fix Cracked and Chipped Teeth 

Minor cracks in your teeth might benefit from dental bonding. Contouring can also improve the appearance of minor chips in your teeth.

Replace Lost Teeth 

Losing a tooth or more leaves you with an incomplete smile. Cosmetic dentistry offers you various options such as dental implants to fill the gap and complete your smile. Dental implants are permanent replacement teeth with the added benefit of preserving your jaw bone density.

Fix Gummy Smiles

When you smile, do you feel like your gums are taking up too much space? Then, you might want to discuss gum surgery with your cosmetic dentist to improve your gummy smile.

Fix Cavities 

After treating your cavities, your cosmetic dentist can fill your teeth with tooth-colored material. This makes the dental work invisible and strengthens your teeth.

Your cosmetic dentist in Marlboro, NJ, Dr. Peters and Dr. Graber of Bear Brook Commons Dental Group can do so much to improve your smile. Call (732) 591-8555 to schedule your consultation today.

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